This unplanned and unscripted episode was inspired by a song I heard on the radio this morning - "For those who can't be here" by Tom Watson. I was re...View Details

What if it's completely normal to arrive in adulthood carrying beliefs that don't serve you well? And what if it's a normal part of development to go ...View Details

In this episode I explore the concepts of identity and personality and how we see these things as enduring when they're merely a collection of stories...View Details

In this episode, I talk to Karen Watkins, Technical Advisor at Mineral Check, about the links between mental and physical health and the way our bodie...View Details

This week, my guest is Isabelle Griffith, an Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and the creator of The Pause Approach™ Isab...View Details

For many of us, the critical voices in our minds can become damaging enough to drive us into a downward spiral that ultimately leaves us feeling depre...View Details

The summer holidays can put enormous stress on us as parents when we're trying to juggle everything and still do our best and be our best.  In this ep...View Details

In this episode I talk about how I found out that some of my healthy choices (and of course my unhealthy choices) are actually contributing to my low ...View Details

This week, I had the great pleasure of talking to Hannah Richards, owner of The Gut Clinic and author of the supremely fascinating book, "The Best Pos...View Details

When it comes to self-development, there are few practices more powerful than a morning routine that allows you to centre yourself and prepare your mi...View Details

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