In this episode, I talk about 5 specific stories that can shape our experience in predictable ways. Do you recognise any of these stories from your ex...View Details

This week it's personal. My daughter lied to me despite every effort I made to help her feel safe enough to tell the truth.  Because of our history, m...View Details

In this episode, I talk about "Your Two Brains" and how your experience of reality is constructed.  When it comes to anxiety, stress and depression, i...View Details

This week we heard the news about Nicki Graham's passing after she lost her battle with anorexia. Although I have never experienced anorexia, I strugg...View Details

Is there such a thing as too much self-development? In a word, yes. In this episode, I talk about the two sides of development and how to ensure you m...View Details

Natasha Bray is a Success Mastery Coach for High Achievers and Rising Leaders and works with transforming women across 30 countries worldwide. She is ...View Details

It's fair to say that, for most people, money is one of the biggest stressors. Have you ever wondered whether you'd be better with money if you'd lear...View Details

In this episode I talk to holistic therapist, Sonia Norman, about energy healing, meditation and a really interesting therapy called AcuEnergetics. Sh...View Details

Inspired by Dr Brené Brown's conversation with Dr Susan David on the Dare to Lead podcast, this episode looks at 2 of the skills required for Emotiona...View Details

In this episode, I explain Hebb's Law, which is all about how your brain wires itself for efficiency.  Hebb's Law explains one of the reasons why habi...View Details

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