When it comes to self-development, there are few practices more powerful than a morning routine that allows you to centre yourself and prepare your mi...View Details

This week, I had the enormous pleasure of talking to Sharon and Lauretta Gavin, owners of the Detox Barn in Suffolk. This was one of my favourite epis...View Details

When we learn to master our minds, we change our experience of life. In this episode, I explore the links between mind mastery and resilience and I ta...View Details

This week my guest is Adele Stickland. Adele Stickland, an accredited Coach and owner of ‘Get Gorgeous’ aims to help women over 40 transform their re...View Details

If you're stressed and running in circles, this short episode is for you. There are no show notes with this episode. To comment, visit @bighappylifepa...View Details

This episode forms the start of a new mini-series where I explore what it takes to feel your best - and exactly how good is that? In this episode, I s...View Details

In this episode, I talk about 5 specific stories that can shape our experience in predictable ways. Do you recognise any of these stories from your ex...View Details

This week it's personal. My daughter lied to me despite every effort I made to help her feel safe enough to tell the truth.  Because of our history, m...View Details

In this episode, I talk about "Your Two Brains" and how your experience of reality is constructed.  When it comes to anxiety, stress and depression, i...View Details

This week we heard the news about Nicki Graham's passing after she lost her battle with anorexia. Although I have never experienced anorexia, I strugg...View Details

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